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 * '''[[https://compul.net/about-me/|Niklas Lemcke]]''' (''compul'') [Key [[http://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?search=0x39E84227|0x39E84227]]]
  * Mathematics/Cryptography student
  * Location: Taiwan
 * '''Niklas Lemcke''' (''compul'') [Key [[http://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?search=0x39E84227|0x39E84227]]]
  * Mathematics/Cryptography graduate student
  * Location: Japan
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{{{#!wiki comment
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{{{#!wiki comment/dashed {{{#!wiki comment
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 * Niklas Lemcke
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 * Niklas Lemcke
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=== Other Contributors === {{{#!wiki comment
=== Active Contributors ===
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 * '''Peter Trei''' As of 2014-08-10:
 * Rocki Hack
 * Kyle Marek
 * Peter Trei
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 * Eugene Wang
 * Paweł Zegartowski

Who's Who with CipherShed

Keeping track of contributors

This page contains detailed information about the contributors to the CipherShed Project. It includes username aliases, OpenPGP keys, and all personal and professional affiliations (for conflict-of-interests purposes), and geographical locations. This is additional information that is not on our main About page.

Please keep this page in alphabetical order by last name. If you think you should be on here, let us know!

Project Management Committee (PMC)

The Project Management Committee (PMC) provides the general direction, guidance, management, and policies for the CipherShed project. For more information, please see the PMC page.

Below are the current members of the PMC:

  • Bill Cox (WaywardGeek) [Key 0xD684193E]

    • Experience: TwoCats PHC entry, Tinycrypt, Infinite Noise Multiplier (RNG), One-time-pad email app, Bmat: public key cryptosystem

    • Location: USA
  • Alain Forget (aforget) [Key 0x60B007AF]

  • Chris Horrocks (PID0) [Key 0x82793A83]

    • Operations Security at Vodafone
    • Location: UK
  • Niklas Lemcke (compul) [Key 0x39E84227]

    • Mathematics/Cryptography graduate student
    • Location: Japan
  • Jason Pyeron

    • Partner at PD Inc

    • Location: USA

Security Team

  • Bill Cox
  • Chris Horrocks
  • Niklas Lemcke
  • Jason Pyeron

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