The last real release of TrueCrypt (7.1a) is generously being hosted on Gibson Research Corporation's TrueCrypt page. The TrueCrypt source code, binaries, and User Guide can be downloaded there. The checksums are hosted offsite by Defuse Security.

The current development source is available at GitHub.

git clone

Alpha Version

This is only a test copy! Please do dangerous tests like whole disk encryption in a VM!

Thanks to Rocki Hack's work, upgrading from TrueCrypt is now a smooth process! We have tested with upgrades from TrueCrypt 7.1a and 6.3. If you have any trouble upgrading from prior TrueCrypt versions, please let us know on the list. You should be able to open existing TrueCrypt volumes.

For a signed windows binary, please refer to

The artwork still needs redoing! If you would like to help us make CipherShed awesome, and you have some skill with artwork, please consider helping us with the files in this artwork folder.

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