Building on Windows

Currently, we are using the build process as documented in the original Readme.txt file. A lot of this software is outdated. As we continue, we will work on updating everything one-by-one to the end result of a modern build platform and libraries.

Digital Signature Note

The 64-bit editions of Windows Vista and later versions, and in some cases the 32-bit editions, do not allow the system driver to run without an appropriate digital signature. At the current time, CipherShed does not have a official certificate issued by a certificate authority. Keep this in mind if you compile CipherShed and compare your binaries with the official TrueCrypt binaries. The sizes of the TrueCrypt binaries will usually be approximately 10 KB greater than sizes of your binaries. There may be further differences if you use a different version of the compiler, if you install a different (or no) service pack for Visual Studio, you have different hotfixes for Visual Studio, or if you use different versions of the SDKs.


Prerequisite Installation and Configuration

Installation of Visual Studio, the SDK, and the Driver Kit are pretty self-explanatory. You can use the default settings or uncheck some options to strip down the installation a bit. A few other dependencies are included in the source code and have to be set up.

Building the Source

(The newly-built binaries will be in the Release directory.)

CipherShed 0.7.3 Windows Build Notes

These notes document how Bill Cox built the his version of the 0.7.3 Windows binaries. This process needs to be duplicated in the community to verify our binaries!

After building, the code wont run because the drivers are not signed. Enable "test signing" mode in windows boot with from an admin cmd prompt with:

To enable test signing, create a test certificate with:

Then run the Certificate manager (certmgr) and import the cert into "Trusted Root Certificate Authorities", and "Trusted Publishers"

In the src/Release/Setup run CMD as administrator and do:


Finally, you must "pack" the installer, using this command, in the src/Release/Setup Files directory:

The new installer should be there, called "CipherShed Setup 7.1a.exe". All executables should be test-signed as well.

This is an evolving process! Look back here after the CipherShed 0.7.3 rebranding release for updates.

Download hashes

5edc723b50ea28a070cad361dd0927df402b7a861a036bbcf11d27ebba77657d GRMWDK_EN_7600_1.ISO b2af877700a7bf4ee693b9ae02bf9c2f5513125d93934e0fae030b56b3386c4b Microsoft - Visual C++ 1.52c - Installation 9f495e52f33d68125277cbca3565ce57904af7d506758a14691fa6e2479ad65c GRMSDKX_EN_DVD.iso 580f717269faa10cf668140ef0a1a264cec194e20a0083cb0d0004a897cc675e VS2008SP1ENUX1512962.iso 380875dc5d266786dd737fe52a9c87bff9f6f4c159ade5b8bb01473b8291fcac VS2008ProEdition90dayTrialENUX1435622.iso d08670e116c5ef9444f85fef273a28ce71d30b7da0ba8817a1a0e21f159425c8 coreutils-5.3.0.exe

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