Building on OS X

The current goals of a releasable build for OS X are to:

If you want a build for personal usage feel free to use newer versions of OS X, Xcode, and OSXFUSE. Note that this will change the minimal system requirements and as such these builds are not suitable for official releases.

Building is done with OS X Server 10.5 (Leopard). In this particular case Parallels Desktop for Mac is used for virtualisation (starting with OS X Server 10.5 the EULA allows virtualisation on Apple-labelled hardware). While network access is not needed a (virtual) network card is required. The network card does not have to be connected. If no network card is present setup appears to be unable to get past the "Validating Serial Number" step.


Building the Application

If this pull request hasn't been applied yet use as repository:

and checkout the "macfuse" branch.

Otherwise use the official repository:

Transfer the CipherShed directory to the build system, copying it to ~/dev .

In Terminal:

cd ~/dev/CipherShed/src

First build the wxWidgets library:

make wxbuild WX_ROOT=~/dev/wxMac-2.8.12

Then the application:


When done you can find the application in Main/ as .

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